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Theatre des Jrockers

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Theatre des J-Rockers is an online role playing community that is based on the artists of Visual Kei. In order to be part of this community, one must choose a role that is not already taken and write an audition. We ask that you have some understanding of free-form roleplay, as we do not allow metagaming, moding or using another's character without their permission.

Character Limit
There is no limit on the number of characters a person can use. However, we do ask that a person chooses only one to begin with, and only chooses more as they have time to play them.
A post must be made for each character at least once a month.

Beginning Play
If you are interested in a role, you must first be a member of the community. You must write an audition post using this template:

Character LJ (or whatever you will be posting IC with)
AIM Screenname
Writing Sample (3-5 paragraph minimum)

Community Rules
1. Respect your fellow role-player; if there is a dispute, please contact fifthchildren, insanitykun or tasuketehoshii to settle this. All final decisions are made by them.
2. You should create a character live journal for your personal character. This is not a requirement, but it would help greatly.
3. You must use LJ-Cut on entries that are more than three paragraphs long. Furthermore, if you have more than two posts to make for one character a day, or if the posts pertain to one roleplaying session, all should be placed either in your personal livejournal or on a separate webpage, with the link placed in one post on the community.
4. All lemons should be posted with LJ-Cut as FRIENDS ONLY and a -clear- warning such as "lemon warning" or "lemon scene inside"; nothing such as "cut for secret reasons..." or "this is friends only, and you know why...".
5. When you audition and are chosen for your character, there is an obligation you make. You must agree that you understand these rules. If you do not wish to role play the character anymore, you must inform everyone in a community post. Do not just abandon your characters or delete your journals.
6. Please note this is a J-ROCK community. ANY C-ROCK, J-POP, or C-POP is NOT permitted.

Thank you.

Claimed Characters

Dir en grey
Toshiya - yume_wa

Kohta - coffeebruise
Takeo - matchakitty
Aiji - psychedelic_sky
Kirito - holdmymemories

Sugizo and the Spank Your Juice
Sugizo - yasuhiro

Tatsurou - fishy_business

Blam Honey
Ryonai - blamhoney

Ao - insanitykun

Community Maintainer
fifthchildren - in charge of your soul

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