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Thursday, April 15th, 2004
2:17 pm
Anyone out there?

What should I do with this place?

I don't care who answers. :O

- Orfik

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Tuesday, January 6th, 2004
11:28 pm
JRT Anthology Update
I've updated the Jrocktheatre Anthology (http://lunar-progeny.net/jrt/) Blam Honey. There are two archived sets that are comprised of his storylines on the community.
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Monday, November 17th, 2003
9:51 pm
Sex in a Nissan, pt. II

"Neither do I. I don't want to suggest anything you don't go for." Akira relished that kiss, squeezing Hakuei's hips to emphasize his words. "Humor me. You've been good at doing that so far." Considerate to the very end, Akira.

Rocking back to consider, he pondered requests he was certain Akira would never go for; it was a cause for amusement, the sifting through of these. Hakuei reached for intensities along a spectrum of extreme sensations that most hardly knew existed, and as he saw no reason to frighten who came across as mostly wholesome with a sprinkle of mischief, the vocalist chose from the common middle.

"I want you to spread me out and fuck me in your Nissan," he pressed against Akira's mouth.

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9:50 pm
Sex in a Nissan, pt. I

[ HAHAHA .. yeah .. don't ask - nc-17 / akira x hakuei ]

Only Hakuei could choke in the illusion of a box when faced with an endless sea. The ice in the wind sickled respiration through his skin, sort of like cold water splashing over a steaming glass, and he reveled the one-step-from-cracking sensation beneath his flesh. How random, that a drive would bring him here, in less than enough clothing for the weather, growing from the sand atop barefeet roots.

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9:39 pm
I claim no part in this xD Posting those things was all their idea! *points!*

rikki please don't freak :x
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9:27 pm
Ao and Tarou part two.
Ao sat across from an empty space in the tea house. It wasn't his first time there, but it felt like it was his first time. He wasn't even sure Ryutarou would show up after what had happened. How could Ao have let himself do that. Stupid. He mentally picked a menu up and thought over it for something he wanted.

"Have you decided yet, sir?" the pretty geisha who was acting as hostess slid up to where Ao sat at the low table as he thought fruitlessly of something. Ao had tried to do the same makeup as geisha wore, once, but it had wound up being a pale imitation. Waiting, waiting.

"Yes, some green tea. Your makeup is very pretty."

She covered her mouth demurely as she smiled, then went to motion for a maid and told the girl to fetch some green tea.

Ryutaro took up his seat across from Ao quickly, thankful the woman sat beside his friend and not him. In the presence of her, he nearly forgot the strain he and the guitarist shared.

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9:25 pm
Ao and Ryutarou
Arimura Ryutaro had spent years wondering just how far Ao would go in his conquest of him. Five years ago he'd had a taste of the man's spicy determination, on a rain-slick children's slide the other man had sampled him. But in the years passing, the guitarist had been subtle in his clues, in his touch and words whispered in noisy bars and clubs. That he wanted more.

Ao always felt much hotter than any of the other men Ryutaro had ever encountered - sensually or no. It frightened him and yet made him wonder. How far would this go? When would Ao finally be sated?

The singer was in a rare mood. The chasing game had plagued his quiet nights sometimes, causing his nails to diminish to the cruel line of his teeth. Wondering. So, he was going to find out.

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Saturday, September 20th, 2003
10:49 pm
Tatsurou was a creature of the night. Really, look at the man. He just had "the look" of dark, scary, nighttime-esque things about him. The night's air had a nice wet chill to it as he waited in line to get into some club in which he had heard of from street prophets, and they never told a lie... but he couldn't help but wonder why he was doing all this. Waiting in that line, going to that club...

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Thursday, September 18th, 2003
8:30 pm
Oh yeah. the song contest.
The results were...a Three way between Sugizo, Ao, and Kohta n.n;;;;;

BECAUSE ONLY THREE PEOPLE VOTED. Lazyyyy! Oh...wait. << *runs off*
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Monday, September 15th, 2003
3:36 pm
Updated profile page.

As always, if there are any mistakes, let me know.

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Sunday, September 14th, 2003
4:10 am
All good things must come to an end.

Was fun while it lasted.


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Saturday, September 13th, 2003
2:24 am
signing off / licking the wounds (part 2, finale)
OOC: i have given this a lot of thought, and have decided it would be best at this point to leave JRT. i've invested so much emotionally into these characters that i never thought there would be a point when i could let go of playing them in this environment, but this time has come, due to many developments both in the game here and in my personal and emotional landscape. it is with a heavy heart that i take Kyo, Shinya, and Hyde to other locations, and leave them free for whomever would prefer to play them here. thank you for the good times and the silly times and the times you made me want to tear out my hair by the roots, and the times you actually did, JRT. it has been a good year and seven months and i'll never forget my unique experiences playing here.

i've written one last post for Kyo. thank you.

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Thursday, September 11th, 2003
6:31 pm
[admin] Hi?
Until further notice, there is only one admin for this community, and that is me. This is based on all the information I have. My co-admin left. There were two. One left. That's all I have to go by.

Also, I know that the profile list is now out of date, but it will take a little time for me to have it back up again.

I posted a list of characters that were cut. If you play a character, and it's not on that list, it was not cut. If it is on that list, it was cut. It's not that complicated.

The list will be up within the next couple of days as I am having computer trouble.

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Tuesday, September 9th, 2003
12:49 pm
[ADMIN] Guard Change
I no longer have the time to do administration for this community, and judging by the state of the userinfo page, rikki seems a bit overworked too. If you're interested in taking over the position, please reply.

That being said, I will also not be reauditioning for Kaoru of Dir en grey.

- Orfik
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Monday, September 8th, 2003
8:13 pm

We don't get a warning about the month thing?

So I only play Die now?

I'm confused.
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Thursday, September 4th, 2003
2:45 pm
FYI - I won't be re-auditioning for either Sanaka of Fatima or Hakuei of Penicillin, so those characters are completely available. ^_^

- Orfik
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7:43 pm
I'll have to update the list on the profile page later because I can't remember the password to the community. Kay, thanks.

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Tuesday, September 2nd, 2003
2:41 am
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Monday, September 1st, 2003
4:24 pm
Everyone should be voting. EVERYOOONE.

Send an e-mail to insanitykunatearthlinkdotnet with your choice from the songs linkd here
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Friday, August 29th, 2003
6:40 pm
Hyde re-audition
Name: haruka

Age: 18

Character: Hyde

Band: solo, L’Arc~en~Ciel

Character LJ: shallow_sleep

AIM Screenname: akai akumu

Writing Sample:

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